Trader Joe’s Review


Ashtyn Schibursky, Staff Writer

Coined the Trader Joe’s fanatic in my household, I have tried many Trader Joe’s products. So with that, I am going to review five Trader Joe’s products from my point of view (no hate to Trader Joe’s—I love you)!


Number One: Crunchy curls


Crunchy Curls are one of my favorite items from Trader Joe’s. Located in the chip aisle, they offer an amazing crunch and flavor that is so addicting; I got my whole family to love them. I like to eat these as a side to my dinner or as a snack.

Number Two: Everything but the Bagel Seasoning


This seasoning is super controversial on TikTok. The product is good in it of itself, just super overhyped. Located in the seasoning aisle, it offers crunch as well as saltiness to the dish you are adding it to. I like to use this seasoning on my avocado toast!

Number Three: Carne Asada


The carne asada from Trader Joe’s is amazing! Its seasoning tastes authentic, and it cooks well. Located in the freezer aisle, it can be a perfect main-course meal. I like to enjoy this carne asada with rice and beans, but just be cautious of fat before cooking!

Number Four: Pineapple Salsa


You may be thinking that pineapple salsa sounds disgusting, but you are so wrong. Found in the condiments aisle, it has the perfect amount of sweetness as well as spiciness—neither overpower each other. I like to enjoy the pineapple salsa with chips from Trader Joe’s.

Number Five: Gone Bananas!


These are by far one of my favorite desserts from Trader Joe’s. They are chopped bananas covered in chocolate. Located in the freezer aisle, this treat is an amazing summer snack! I love to enjoy these on a hot summer’s day.


Hopefully this article gave you an inside to the products that I enjoy and that you can try for yourself! Happy shopping!