Senior Awards Night!

Chloe Morem, Student Writer

On Wednesday, May 17th, the 2023 graduating seniors had their senior awards night. Many awards, scholarships, and many people were recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Lots of students got many local scholarships including:

Samuel Bigalk Family Scholarship for $496.73: Madelyn Bergey, Regan Hanson, Courtney Hershberger, Dillon O’Connor, Jenna Tieskotter.

Farmers Shipping Association of Harmony Scholarship for $500: Madison Simon, Jenna Tieskotter.

Jeff Ryland Memorial Scholarship for $1000: Grace Kennedy.

Justin Delbert Mandelko Memorial Scholarship for $500: Abigail Bothun, Garett Gossman.

Harmony Community Healthcare Foundation for $500: Sydney Bronner.

Robert F. Jackson Memorial Scholarship for $1000: Jake Fishbaugher, Courtney Hershberger, Chloe Morem.

Bloomfield Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship for $1000: Abigail Bothun.

Wildlife & Habitat of Fillmore County Scholarship f0r $500: Jake Fishbaugher, Regan Hanson.

Morris Titrud Scholarship for $500: Regan Hanson.

Sethre Family Fund Scholarship for $300: Courtney Hershberger, Dillon O’Connor, Olivia Sethre.

Arlin Falck Foundation Scholarship for $895: Emma Illg, Abigail Parker.

Preston Lions Club Scholarship for $300: Sydney Bronner. Olivia Sethre, Madison Simon.

Fillmore Central Scholarship Foundation for $750: Madelyn Bergey, Abigail Bothun, Sydney Bronner, Bryce Corson, Regan Hanson, Courtney Hershberger, Oliver Hoeltzle, Dillon O’Connor, Abigail Parker, Olivia Sethre, Madison Simon, Nathaniel Storlie, Jenna Tieskotter, Kaylee Whitehill.

Harmony American Legion Gustav Berg Post 81 for $500: Nathaniel Storlie.

Merlin Hoiness Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for $500: Oliver Hoeltzle, Chloe Morem.

Compeer Financial for $1500: Madison Simon.

Steven Gerald Daskam Memorial Scholarship for $500: Kaylee Whitehill.

Peter & Tyler Moger FFA Scholarship for $300: Garett Gossman.

Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship for $500: Oliver Hoeltzle.

Education MN Fillmore Central Scholarship for $500: Regan Hanson.

Tiernan Music Scholarship for $500: Elizabeth Ryan, Oliver Hoeltzle.

Falcon Fire JO Volleyball Scholarship for $500: Abigail Bothun, Regan Hanson, Courtney Hershberger, Madison Simon.

Bluff Valley Riders Snowmobile Club for $500: Madison Simon.

MiEnergy Cooperative for $1000: Madelyn Bergey, Bryce Corson, Jake Fishbaugher, Regan Hanson, Oliver Hoeltzle, Dillon O’Connor, Madison Simon.

Majerus Family Foundation for $1000: Samuel Springer.

Preston Veterans’ Scholarship for $500: Gunner Benson, Garett Gossman, Dillon O’Connor, Olivia Sethre, Samuel Springer, Sydney Bronner, Bryce Corson, Courteney Hershbereger, Madelyn Bergey, Chloe Morem, Nathaniel Storlie, Jake Fishbaugher, Blake Bahl, Abigail Bothun, Oliver Hoeltzle, Emma Illg, Judah Stockdale, Kaylee Whitehill.

Many seniors were recognized for their contributions to various school organizations as well. They are listed below:

TNT: Madelyn Bergey, Emma Illg, Adrik Nevalainen, Dillon O’Connor, Madison Simon, Jenna Tieskotter.

Radio Show Outstanding and Dedicated Students: Madelyn Bergey, Kaylee Whitehill, Elizabeth Ryan, Grace Kennedy, Alayna Holets, Jenna Tieskotter.

Knowledge Bowl: Courtney Hershberger, Oliver Hoeltzle, Olivia Sethre, Madelyn Bergey, Kaylee Whitehill, Dillon O’Connor.

FFA: Madison Simon & William Parker.

Outstanding Senior Artist Award: Madelyn Bergey, Adrik Nevalainen, Olivia Sethre.

Honored Drama Thespian Award: Adrik Nevalainen, Elizabeth Ryan, Madelyn Bergey.

Congratulations to all of these graduation seniors to all of their dedication and hard work!