Flies: Are They Really Necessary?

Flies: Are They Really Necessary?

Jenna Tieskotter, Staff Writer

As temperatures increase, the amount of bugs outside also increases. There is one insect in particular that I despise more than the rest: flies. There are many different types of flies, but I hate them all. I hate the buzzing noises they make, and how they are found anywhere and everywhere. I often find myself wondering how much these tiny creatures impact the lives of other species. Would it really be so bad if they went extinct?

My original thought on flies was that they were nonessential. Spiders, lizards, birds, and frogs all eat flies and partially rely on them as a food source. However, all these species would still survive if flies didn’t exist. There are many other insects and food sources that these species can eat besides flies. 

I have recently come to realize that flies actually play a more important role in the ecosystem than I would have originally thought. Flies play many roles in the environment. They help pollinate plants and are scavengers that assist in breaking down rotting organic matter to its original state, so we as humans don’t have to deal with it. 

I never would have thought that a tiny annoying creature would play such a large role in the environment. There are many tiny, annoying creatures that exist in this world that I wish would go extinct. However, almost all of these creatures serve a greater purpose and the environment would struggle or possibly fail without them. As much as I wish flies would just disappear, I can learn to deal with them if it means they contribute to the surviving and thriving of other species.