A Random Act of Kindness!

Ashtyn Schibursky, Staff Writer

Last week, TNT—Teens Nurturing Teens—handed out cookies as a random act of kindness.

TNT’s advisor, Becky Mueller, hosted a meeting earlier this month to talk about an end-of-school idea for the students. After talking it out, the members chose to do a “Random Act of Kindness.”Another meeting was set a week before the 19. Members talked about what they wanted to give out and where to get the items from. It was decided to give out cookies from a local restaurant called Gabby Lou’s. TNT then picked out a date to do it, in which they chose May 19, the senior’s last Friday of school.

On the morning of the 19, Mrs. Mueller went to Gabby Lou’s to pick up the boxes of cookies allotted for the whole school, which was around 250! During second period of the school day, TNT members went to Mrs. Mueller’s room to hand out to classmates around the whole school. Not only did the students get cookies, but the entire faculty received one as well!

As a member of TNT, seeing students get excited about getting a treat made me feel warm inside! Everyone accepted them gratefully—eating them with a smile on their face. Overall, another successful TNT sponsored event!