Senior’s Last Day

From a Senior’s Perspective

Seniors Last Day

Alayna Holets, Staff Writer

Wednesday, May 24th was the last day for the graduating class of 2023. Emotions were high for students from every grade as they thought of the friends they would no longer see every weekday.

With such a unique and diverse class of students, it’s impossible to report on the memories we have made, not all moments we shared, but we will never forget our years with each other.

We come from different backgrounds and arrived at the crazy circus that is high school at different times, some left early, but regardless we made it to the end together.

The memories we made are ones that will stick with us through life as we enter the world as graduates. We may not recall every lesson, or any at all, but the things we have learned will forever be in our hearts, even if it didn’t come from a textbook. 

We all have so many different goals and plans for the future. Some of us will continue our schooling, becoming doctors and teachers, athletes and artists, farmers and scientists. Some will go straight into the workforce and some will travel to new places.

We thank the teachers who touched our hearts and minds, the friends we made and even the friends we lost for being in our lives. The parents and grandparents, aunts and uncle’s, siblings and cousins, and the other people who we never expected to enter our lives 

We might not all make it as individuals but as a group we will succeed and reach unimaginable heights.