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Piece by Piece – “As Good As Dead”

By Local H
Piece by Piece - As Good As Dead

As Good As Dead” is Local H’s second album. Released on April 16, 1996, it remains as their most popular and best selling album. It has 4 songs released as singles, which are “Bound for the Floor,” “High-Fiving MF,” “Eddie Vedder,” and “Fritz’s Corner.”

Local H was formed in 1990 by a group of high school graduates but would eventually be cut down to two after the departure of two of their members early on in the band’s life. Their first release, “Ham Fisted,” was a commercial flop, and almost caused the band to be dropped. But, Local H persisted. Their second album, “As Good As Dead,” did amazing and boosted the band’s popularity. It sold over 320,000 copies, and the song “Bound for the Floor” hit number 5 on U.S. Alternative Billboard Chart. The song has been in many pieces of media, including “Saints Row” (2006), “Big Nothing” (2006), and an episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” The song was taken off air for awhile after the September 11th attacks, due to its lyrics.

Personally, I really like “Bound for the Floor,” but it’s not my favorite from the album. That spot goes to “O.K.” – a slow, Midwest-emo sounding song that doesn’t have a clear message.  I believe it has something to do with the loss of someone.

The following songs listed are the most important or the ones I most enjoyed.

The album starts off with “Manifest Destiny Pt.1.” The instrumentals sound very close to “House of the Rising Sun” (if it was done by Soundgarden), slower and repetitive. The lyrics repeat themselves for the entire 53 seconds the song lasts. I thought it was a good opening to the album, but nothing you’d want to listen to 24/7. I give it a 6/10.

The next one really kicks off the album. “High-Fiving MF” was inspired by the band watching 2 bouncers high five each other constantly and use their egos to be jerks. It serves as an anthem for people who don’t have much regard for others’ wellbeing. I really enjoy this song, with it’s grungy sounding instrumentals and its lyrics describing someone who thinks they rule over everyone else.

“Bound for the Floor” is the most popular song from the album and probably from the entire band. It has this very rebellious sound to it and is what I imagine 90’s rock to sound like. I really enjoyed it, but it isn’t my favorite from this album.

“Eddie Vedder” is about lead singer David Scott Lucas thinking that he wouldn’t make it onto the radio, due to Pearl Jam’s lead singer Eddie Vedder’s fame at the time. The song features a grungy and metal sound, with sharp stings of guitar here and there. This was the first song I had listened to from this album.

“O.K.” is my favorite song from the album. “O.K.” features a very different tone from some of the other songs in the album. Instead of constant loud guitar playing and drumming, it’s light, soft, and slower. It’s almost like we’re supposed to sit and think through the entire song. Truly listen, instead of just having it playing for background noise. There are certain parts where the instrumentals do get louder and sound closer to how the album usually sounds. It’s in a short segment here and there and purely for emphasis on the lyrics. The true meaning behind it isn’t all too clear, but I, and many others, believe that it’s about some sort of loss. Whether it’d be someone just leaving or a death, it’s all about the loss of someone. This is, in my opinion, truly the best song in the album, and I wish it would get more attention.

Overall, this album is amazing and should be remembered better. It deserves a lot more attention than it gets. It mixes in some of the more popular sounds of the 90’s, along with its own tone. On the Sweet Sounds Scale, this places 9/10.

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