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2023 FC Homecoming Court

Our 2023 FC Homecoming Court has been chosen, and everyone is excited for who will be crowned at the coronation. Six questions were asked of the court to get to know each candidate a little bit more.

The questions were as follows:

  1. What would you change about our school. Why?
  2. Who is one of your favorite teachers? Why?
  3. Why do you think you were chosen for Homecoming Court?
  4. What is your favorite high school experience? Why?
  5. How do you want to be remembered?
  6. Who do you think will win Homecoming King & Queen? Why?

Klaudia Biel

#1 “I would like if our school had longer passing periods between classes. It takes me a while to get from my first hour which is in the Ag room, to my second hour which is Mrs. Mehus’ English 12.”

#2 “My favorite teacher is Ms. Nielsen. She has such a bubbly personality, and it makes learning a lot more interesting and fun. I also like Mrs. Mehus because she always is on top of trending things, and I learn a lot of fun facts from her every day.”

#3 “I think it is because I am very involved in school activities. I also try to be nice to everyone even though we might not be close friends.”

#4 “My favorite experiences are when I am participating in extracurriculars. I love being with my teams in sports and in FFA events because we always have a good time and make memories.”

#5 “I would like to be remembered as a person everyone could get along with because I think it’s important to put yourself out there and make lots of interactions.”

#6 “I think it could go a lot of ways because everyone is an involved and good student. I’d have to say that Alyssa Britton will be Homecoming Queen because she is so sweet and kind to everyone. She is also a good role model to other students. For Homecoming King I feel that Maddox Wolfgram is a pretty cool guy and gets along with a lot of people, and that makes him a good candidate for that.”

Alyssa Britton

#1 “I would hold more events so people can get closer with their classmates outside of the classroom. It is hard to build relationships with all of your classmates because everyone is so busy, but if we dedicate a little time every once in a while to spend with your classmates, people would have the opportunity to get to know their peers better.”

#2 “Mrs. Mueller. She always has a positive attitude, and I love the way she teaches. She was always there for me when I needed help.”

#3 “I am honored to be chosen by my classmates. I am guessing my kindness and leadership are reasons I was picked by my classmates.”

#4 “Building relationships with my teammates through sports and making many memories together.”

#5 “I would like to be remembered as a nice girl that did well in school. I have worked really hard for my grades, and it is something I am proud of.”

#6 “Kammry Broadwater and Jayce Kiehne. They have done really well in sports and are well-known around the school.”

Kammry Broadwater

#1 “One thing I would improve about the school is to have more groups and clubs to get students more involved.”

#2 “My favorite teacher is Ms. Nielsen. She has impacted not only my high school experience but also what kind of person I am today. Ms. Nielsen has taught me many life lessons and how to get involved with your school and community more. I am so grateful I got to have her as one of my teachers growing up. She really is like family to me.”

#3 “I think I was chosen for being a good role model, not only towards my class, but to our younger peers as well and for showing leadership skills throughout my high school career.”

#4 “My favorite experience from high school is playing the Section Championship basketball game against Blooming Prairie in the year of 2020 and winning it.”

#5 “I want to be remembered for being very involved, generous, and a very respectful person, not only to my classmates, but to my younger peers, teachers, and staff.”

#6 “I think Chase and Alyssa will win Homecoming King and Queen. Chase is a great leader on and off the field, and Alyssa is one of the nicest people I have ever met. They both strive to be the best versions of themselves.”

Katie Pickett

#1 “On behalf of the majority of the student body, I think we’d like our backpacks back.”

#2 “Ms. Gerri Nielsen! So much fun to be around and wants all her students to succeed.”

#3 “I think I’m nice and involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. This question is difficult to answer.”

#4 “I loved the band and choir trip that went to LA this past summer. I made a lot of valuable memories and talked to people I don’t usually converse with.”

#5 “I would like to be remembered as a loyal, open-minded, and empathetic human.”

#6 “I think Alyssa and Jayce will be our winners. They are great role models and in many extracurricular activities, as well as being well-known throughout the school and community.”

Tori Raaen


#1 “Air conditioning in the school.”

#2 “Mr. Lange. He’s patient and understanding with us.”

#3 “I’m not really sure honestly.”

#4 “The Eagle Bluff trip because it was one of the most fun experiences with my grade.”

#5 “However people want to remember me.”

#6 “Jayce and Kammry. They’re heavily involved in sports and stuff I don’t really know.”


Chase Christianson

#1 “I wish we had a weight room that was open whenever you wanted to lift.”

#2 “Mr. Lange is my favorite teacher because he’s always there to deal with my problems.”

#3 “I’m charismatic.”

#4 “Going to the US Bank Stadium.”

#5 “As a star athlete.”

#6 “I think Maddox will be king because he deserves it after losing 100 pounds.”


Jayce Kiehne


#1 “Be allowed to carry around our bags. It’s easier.”

#2 “Mr. Lange or Mr. Mensink. Both are just interesting guys.”

#3 “I’m involved in a lot of activities.”

#4 “Going on the trip to LA. I had a lot of fun with my friends.”

#5 “As a student athlete, it’s important to manage both.”

#6 “Maddox and Alyssa. They are both very nice, and you can always talk to them.”

Jacob Mandelko


#1 “The AC because it’s hot in this school.”

#2 “[Mr.] Lange because he’s pretty chill and and interesting.”

#3 “I’m in multiple activities, and I like to be out and about.”

#4 “Going to LA and experiencing it with friends.”

#5 “For being a good student athlete and a kind kid.”

#6 “Jayce and Alyssa because they’re great people.”


Tyler Mayer

#1 “I feel like we could do a better job of just overall being more respectful. It’s not a bad thing to joke around with a teacher here and there, but there is a time when enough is enough.”

#2 “Mr. Lange. He’s someone anyone could talk to about anything.”

#3 “I’m not sure.  Maybe I’m cooler than I thought.”

#4 “Playing in U.S. Bank Stadium in our football season last year. It’s something I will never forget.”

#5 “Someone who respected their teachers and gave it their all in sports and in the classroom.”

#6 “Probably Jayce for King. He’s a guy who inspires a lot of younger kids in the classroom and in sports. Probably Kammry for Queen because she does a lot of the same things – gets it done in and out of school. They are both very popular as well.”

Maddox Wolfgram

#1:  “Get rid of weighted grading. For students who aren’t good test takers, the system is completely unfair.”

#2 “It has to be Ms. Nielson. She is incredibly passionate with teaching, and you can tell she cares a lot about what she does.”

#3 “Well, I’m not in any sports or extracurricular activities. I think it shows that if you are an all around good person who can make people laugh, you can make it.”

#4 “Solving the Rubik’s cube at a pep fest was pretty legendary.”

#5 “I want to be remembered as a GOAT.”

#6 “Me, both titles.”

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