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Why Cats Are Better Then Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs: Which Does the World Prefer? – Insurance Solved Blog | Budget Direct
Cats vs. Dogs: Which Does the World Prefer? – Insurance Solved Blog | Budget Direct

I am a cat person. I wouldn’t be writing this article if I wasn’t. I think cats are better because they fit my lifestyle purrfectly. I think dogs are just annoying dependent creatures that are big and get in the way all the time. I know you can get smaller dogs, but the smaller the dog the bigger the yap. This is going to be based on my experience living with both cats and dogs. I have two of each, so I have some variety in my observations. 

I like cats because of how they work with my lifestyle. What I mean by that is I’m a very secluded person. I enjoy staying inside in my bed and reading all day. Cats work with this because they don’t have to be taken outside every few hours to go potty. They can do it themselves in their litter box. Also, they don’t need to be taken on walks. All their enrichment can happen inside with string toys and catnip. Cats also sleep all day. You don’t even notice them when you’re trying to do something. But if you want cuddles, just pick them up and hold them. Now I’m lucky to have lived with very tolerable cats, so I haven’t had to deal with scratching or biting. Which brings me to my second point

Boundaries!!! Cats have boundaries. They are like people. If you do something they don’t like, they will let you know. Since they’re so small, the damage is minimal. I don’t trust people who hate cats because cats are so much like humans. The only reason they probably don’t like them is because that person doesn’t respect boundaries. If they can’t do it with a cat, can they really do it with a human? 

Training is a big thing. When you get a puppy, you have to go through teething, destroying of shoes, and sit and shake and wait. They have to learn all those commands, and that takes a lot of time and energy. Dogs are like toddlers! You have to remind them over and over again. With cats, the only thing that might be a problem is litter box training or scratching of the furniture. Litter box training is really easy. You just put the kitten in the litter box when they start to go and “wah bam,” trained! With adult cats they naturally seek out a litter box. Scratching the furniture is more complicated. There are lots of things that might be the problem. Cats scratch to claim their territory or shorten their claws. You can buy scratch posts for them to scratch, or you can also cat proof. They make plastic covers for couch legs to block cats from destroying anything. A lot of cat problems are simple fixes. While for dogs it’s repeated training.

Cats are quiet. One of the biggest reasons I don’t like dogs is because they bark. And I know landlords don’t like it either. Dogs bark at anything and everything. Cats on the other hand might meow when they’re hungry, and that’s it. It isn’t even as loud as dogs. I mean cats can get pretty loud, but it’s not a constant loud noise right in your ear. Talkative cats are cute. Yappy dogs are just plain annoying. 

I think it’s okay to hate dogs. Don’t let anyone tell you, “How could you not like dogs? They’re man’s best friend.” Sometimes you don’t need a best friend. You need a quiet person who points out the obvious. Cats are great too. I do genuinely love all of my pets dearly. Now you tell me, cats or dogs?

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Nora Springer, Assistant Editor
Nora K. Springer (she/her) is a junior at Fillmore Central. She is active in choir and tapestry. Nora enjoys art and reading (a lot). She has a goal to read as many books as she can in a year. Her favorite genre is romance and her favorite author is Jennifer L. Armentrout. Nora doesn't like the taste of coffee, so her go-to Starbucks order is an iced chai latte. Nora LOVES cats and plans on fostering cats in the future. Speaking of the future, Nora hopes to get a master's degree in library science and become a librarian. She also has plans to move out of the United States when she’s older.
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