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Piece by Piece – Nevermind


“Nevermind” is the second album released by Nirvana and was the first to release from a major label. Dave Grohl, now popular drummer, guitarist, and songwriter, would have this album be the first major one he’s in. Released in 1991, it completely changed the alternative rock genre. It introduced the sound of Seattle grunge. The album also had mixes between ballad-sounding songs and hard rock. It quickly shot up to the top 10 charts in the US and around the world.

The album is cited as revolutionizing Generation X teens and popularizing the more sensitive punk rock artist. “Instead of the chest-beating, coke-blowing, women-objectifying macho rock star of the ’80s, Cobain popularized (or re-invigorated) the image of the sensitive artist, the pro-feminism, anti-authoritarian smart alec punk with a sweet smile and gentle soul”, said Billboard writer William Goodman.

The album would end up selling 300,000 copies a week, with a total of 30 million copies. In 1999, it was certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America.

I personally love this album, and it is, without a doubt, a staple of music in the last 30 or so years. All the songs on here are amazing, and its diversity among the songs is well balanced and well done. Most songs on here are very memorable and easy to name when listening.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the first song on the album and the most popular. Its fast, busy instrumentals and short phrased lyrics make it easy to pick up on. This song was so popular that Kurt Cobain would end up hating it and insisting that there’s so many better songs he’s done. He would play it faster at concerts just to get through it.

“Lithium” was inspired by Kurt’s experiences when he lived with Jesse Reed and his family during his childhood. The family was very religious, and Kurt would end up keeping religion close with him and his beliefs. The sound features fairly quiet instrumentals, up until it gets to the main chorus. This is my personal favorite from the album.

And lastly, “Something in the Way.” The song is believed to be inspired by one of Kurt Cobain’s experiences, which is when he would have no place to go, and would end up sleeping under a bridge over the Wishkah River. “Something in the Way” was also very hard to record, with Kurt having to sing quietly and make sure his guitar wasn’t too loud while having producer Butch Vig set up microphones to pick up on it. This would be the core of the song, with other instrumentals being added later on while mixing.

I loved “Nevermind” and can see why it’s considered one of, if not, the greatest rock album of all time. I give this album a 9.5/10 on the Sweet Sounds Scale. I cannot stress enough that that rating is fairly accurate, and some might even argue that it’s a perfect 10/10. I recommend that everyone gives it a listen, whether you’re a fan of grunge and rock or not.

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Micah Steffens, Staff Writer
Micah Steffens is a 16 year old sophomore who enjoys music, the outdoors, and food. His favorite hobby is listening to music, and he's a fan of bands such as Weezer, Pearl Jam, and Green Day. Micah has 5 other brothers and 2 dogs. He enjoys talking to people and listening to everyone’s opinion, as everyone has a right to one. He enjoys shows such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Micah does sports such as golf and trapshooting. He hopes to pursue engineering after high school.
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