Senior Spotlight: Gunner Benson


Adrik Nevalainen, Staff Writer

Homecoming King 2022-2023 



A star on the football field and dubbed as the 2022-2023 Homecoming King, Gunner Benson is a memorable Fillmore Central High School senior. born February 20th, 2005. Benson has been a student of Fillmore Central since Preschool, and has been involved with many activities since then. These activities include: baseball, wrestling, basketball, trapshooting, and even bowling. Yet Benson’s commitment to football proves to be the most recognized. It was this year where Benson led his team to the state football championship in the U.S. Bank Stadium. This would be the first time in Fillmore Central history at which this would happen. 


Beyond school however, Benson has humble interests. One of these interests is spending time working on his car: a 1965 Ford Fair Lane 500. When asked about any other interests, Benson could not disclose much, proving that the simple things in life bring him the most fulfillment. 


After High School, Benson is intending to enlist in the Military, where he will spend 25 weeks in basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After basic training, Benson will be stationed in Germany for three years to continue the rest of his service. 


At the start of his freshman year of High School back in the year 2019-2020, Benson has had a long line of major successes in Football, basketball, and even obtaining the title of Homecoming King. Fillmore Central High School wishes Gunner Benson the best of luck in his military service. 


“RHPD [Raise Hell, Praise Dale]” 

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