Senior Spotlight: Blake Bahl


Adrik Nevalainen



Blake Bahl has been a long running Fillmore Central student, starting from preschool all the way up to today. As a high school senior, Bahl considers his time at school a great opportunity to experience the joys of life. This comes from spending time with friends, or just making the most out of public school events. As a member of FFA, Bahl attended the FFA State Convention in Indianapolis. This proved to be one of his most favorite memories of high school for he was able to spend time with friends and even watch an Old Dominion concert. 


Besides school, Bahl prefers to spend his time hunting and fishing. This year he shot a deer during Thanksgiving, after skipping school to just enjoy the process of hunting. Beyond outdoor activities, Bahl likes to spend time with friends and work on home renovation projects. 


After high school, Bahl will be going to RCTC to study in a 2 year plumbing program called BUM. Afterwards, he intends to join his step-dad’s business, which is titled: Newman Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. 



Being noted as a free spirit in the class of 2023, Blake Bahl will continue to show the world what it means to have a good time. Fillmore Central wishes Blake the best of luck!


“Hunting solves most problems, and fishing solves the rest.”

  • Blake Bahl