Senior Spotlight: Angel Apenhorst

Adrik Nevalainen



To start off the Senior Spotlights, we have Angel Apenhorst. She has been a Fillmore Central student since the 5th grade and is now a respected senior at Fillmore Central High School. Not only is she recognized as a member of the cheer team, Apenhorst has also been part of the football team. Although she was not the first woman to join the football team in Fillmore Central history, she started playing varsity while only being in junior high. Later on, Apenhorst found her home in the stands, cheering on the falcons as they pursued their way to the state football event this year.


Being heavily involved in the school environment, Apenhorst also has a passion for hard work. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and how she defines it: “physical labor”. Apenhorst is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty. 


After high school, Apenhorst will be working at HECO for 3 months before she moves to Wishaw, Scotland, to be closer to her long-term girlfriend. Once in Scotland, Apenhorst intends to pursue a career in either fabrication or road construction. 


From being involved in FFA, choir, cheerleading, and even football, Apenhorst has definitely shown her qualities as a true renaissance student, and a carrier of our falcon spirit. Fillmore Central wishes Angel Apenshorst the best for her new life to come!


“When life gives you lemons, throw them right back.”

  • Angel Apenhorst