Senior Spotlight: Bryce Corson

Adrik Nevalainen

Homecoming Royalty 2022-2023


Now a senior in Fillmore Central High School, Bryce Corson is an athlete to remember. Not only was he a team captain on the varsity football team this year, he and his fellow captains managed to lead their team to the U.S. Bank Stadium to take part in the state football event. Corson’s long persistence with football has finally led to a grand success that Fillmore Central will remember. 


Even outside of school, Corson is still committed to the game. Activities like lifting, and even video games fill his downtime. 


Corson’s passion for sports and health has been a consistent interest. After graduation, Corson will be attending a four year school to major in sports medicine. Although he has not made a final decision on his school, he has shown interest in either University of Wisconsin Lacrosse, or University of Wisconsin Stout. 


After leading the team to success in football, Bryce Corson has proven that with hard work, you can achieve anything. As being one of the star athletes of the class of 2023, we hope to also see Corson succeed in his future endeavors. 


“Athlete student.”

  • Bryce Corson