Art Teacher Meets Emerging Artist Exhibition

Samantha Bratland at Emerging Artist Exhibition at Lanesboro Arts

Maddy Bergey, Editor

From fiber weavings to non-representational works to bright paintings, Lanesboro Arts is currently highlighting the work of seven emerging artists. On Saturday, February 11th, the exhibition opening was held at the gallery in Lanesboro from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. One of these artists was Fillmore Central’s own art teacher, Ms. Samantha Bratland.

Three of her vibrant paintings were showcased among the other artist’s pieces. Bratland’s pieces on exhibit are “Golden Hour,” “Grace,” and “Hope.” As part of her own personal artist statement at the show, she stated, “This [teaching high school art at Fillmore Central] inspires her to continue creating and sharing her artwork.” In support of her, various teachers and students showed up to view the work and stand by her side.

Throughout the night, many people at the opening reception got to see Bratland’s work, ask her questions, or simply talk to her about her creative process. Since these works will be on display for a few weeks, gallery goers also have the opportunity to buy the artwork while it is still there.

When asked about this unique experience for the emerging artist herself, Bratland stated, “Starting a career as an artist is very difficult and having such amazing art communities so close to home is something more artists only dream of. To say I’m grateful is an understatement!”

Congratulations to Samantha Bratland for earning a spot at the Emerging Artist Exhibition. Gallery hours at Lanesboro Arts are currently 10:00 to 5:00 P.M. from Tuesday through Saturday, though the gallery is closed on Sunday and Monday. If you want to check out her work amongst the other phenomenal art pieces, the show runs until Sunday, April 9th.