Senior Spotlight: Abigail Bothun

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer

Homecoming Royalty 2022-2023



Also a homecoming royal, Abigail Bothun is yet another star athlete at Fillmore Central. Now a senior, Bothun has been involved in volleyball, student council, photography club and choir. Volleyball, however, has proven to be her favorite. From receiving All -Conference Honorable Mention to just enjoying the game, volleyball will always have a place in Bothun’s heart.


Outside of school, Bothun enjoys trying new foods, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her dogs. 


Having a passion for sports, Bothun will be attending the Minnesota State University of Mankato to later pursue a career as an athletic trainer. 


From preschool to now a Fillmore Central senior, Bothun will continue to share her positive attitude and determined spirit at Mankato State. 



  • Abigail Bothun