Concessions are Bad

Judah Stockdale, Staff Writer

Concessions, in my opinion, are a poor way of earning points for the senior trip. Many times it is more cost-effective to work a normal job. You often work from 3:30 P.M. to 9:15 P.M. and make two points (worth $20 each). In case, this would be far below the minimum wage at $6.67/hour. On the flip side, it could get up to six points for $20/hour; this, however, is uncommon, and the amount you’ll usually get is two to three points. In truth, it is much better to get a job, as you can work more hours and earn more money.

Points are also a poor way of paying for the senior trip. Points are restrictive due to you not being able to use them on anything except the senior trip. You also can’t transfer points to any other person. It is demoralizing to get so few points as well; one option, however, would be to inflate the points by 10. You would need 850 or 650 points in total (normally 85 or 65 depending on if your preferred method of payment). Instead of getting two points, you would get 20. This has been shown to make the human mind much more appreciative and motivated, according to The Atlantic.

Concessions can be fun if you work with the right people and had more ways to get points, but most of the time it is exhausting. After school, the workers have to setup at 3:30 P.M. and work until 9:15 P.M. at night, making it about an 13 hour day. This is quite unhealthy for teenagers at our age and requires much more from us than is necessary. Giving more opportunities to earn points would be appreciated—this could be cleaning the gym or classrooms. This could also be doing more community events or taking other forms, but I think the ways to earn points are much too limited.

Concessions are bad. They are not worth the time, energy, or money. Concessions, in my opinion, extend the day far too long, are not worth enough, demoralize the workers, and exhaust everyone who works them. This could be changed by either getting rid of the point system, inflating the points value, or expanding the way to get points. However, as it stands, I think it is annoying at best and damaging at worst.