Senior Spotlight: Jake Fishbaugher

Adrik Nevalainen



One of the greatest athletes in the class of 2023, Jake Fishbaugher is a senior to remember. Fishbaugher has been a team captain on the Football team, and even a record winning golfer. Although his commitment to football led to one of the greatest victories for the team, Fishbaugher’s passion for golf might be his most renowned. During Fishbaugher’s junior year of high school, he managed to return home with the lowest state tournament score in Fillmore Central history. 


Despite his glorious success on the golf course, Fishbaugher enjoys his time, hunting, fishing, working out and hanging out with friends. Even outside of school Fishbaugher still enjoys the thrill of golfing. His interest in the sport began when he was only 2 years old. 


After graduation, Fishbaugher will be attending the Florida Gulf Coast University to major in professional golf management. 


Jake Fishbaugher’s legacy in boy’s golf will always be remembered. As some final words of advice for the underclassmen, Fishbaugher mentions this: “Enjoy high school. Don’t put so much stress on schoolwork or sports, sometimes you have to enjoy the time of being a kid.” 


“They told Vincent Van Gogh that he couldn’t be a great painter because he only had one ear, but you know what he said? I can’t hear you.” –Unknown

  • Jake Fishbaugher