Senior Spotlight: Regan Hanson

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer

Homecoming Royalty 2022-2023



Regan Hanson is yet another cherished homecoming royal for the class of 2023. Her involvement in volleyball, basketball, softball, choir, student council, and so much more, reflects her diverse interests. Becoming a captain for the team, Hanson’s commitment to volleyball proved to have some of her most valued memories. It was this year, where the Fillmore Central volleyball team took third place at the Apple Valley volleyball tournament. The team’s placement in this tournament is the highest that Fillmore Central ever received there. Not only was the event memorable for Fillmore Central, Hanson disclosed that it was one of her favorite high school memories–”to just enjoy the weekend with the team”(Hanson).


Outside of high school, Hanson interests go beyond just sports. Her love for the outdoors, spending time with family (especially her nephews), and even being involved in her community. Working in community based activities, Hanson engages herself in the Summer Rec. program and also coaching youth volleyball teams. 


Hanson’s passion for teaching today’s youth will continue beyond high school. After graduation, Hanson will be attending South Dakota State University to major in Elementary Education. 


Hanson’s zest for life, and heart of gold not only prove to be great qualities for a homecoming royal, but also an admired friend. When asked for any advice for the underclassmen, Hanson mentions this: “Do all your hard classes your first semester of your senior year. It makes the second semester a breeze.”


*Laughs in Regan*

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