Senior Spotlight: Sterling Braaten

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Truly the heart of the class of 2023, Sterling Braaten has been a long time student of Fillmore Central since preschool. At the start of high school, Braaten was involved in choir and band. Choir is noted as her favorite—where she simply enjoys to listen to her peers sing. 


Besides high school, Braaten enjoys her time swimming, eating popcorn, and spending time with family. During prom last year, Braaten went to the dance with her mother, proving to be one of the greatest memories Braaten will cherish. 


After graduation, Braaten will continue her studies at Fillmore Central to learn life skills in the classroom. Thus, Fillmore Central High School will still be receiving the spread of her joyful spirit next year!


“I’m different, not less.” -Temple Grandin

  • Sterling Braaten