Tips and Tricks: Stop Procrastinating!


Kyra Arndt

I think we can all agree that highschool students are the single most qualified demographic to be dishing out life advice—which is exactly why this column exists! Every week, we will be examining a popular issue and responding with some heartfelt advice. This week, we will be discussing a prevalent problem amongst students—how do we stop procrastinating on homework?

Look, I get you. Homework is rarely a breeze. It impacts our grade, which can impact our college selections, which can impact our future career options. Now, before you get stressed out, let’s take a step back from all that. The reality is, one biffed assignment won’t have an impact on your future life choices, but that doesn’t mean that homework isn’t important. The answer is to find the balance between recognizing homework’s importance and spiraling over homework’s importance.

The easiest way to get started on something you’re procrastinating on is to break it up into smaller pieces. Have a plan for what you want to do. Find a distraction-free place, and take a couple deep breaths. Start by working for just 20 minutes at a time—remember, something is always better than nothing. Take breaks, but remember what your focus is. Pay attention to your emotions, because oftentimes, emotions are the driving reason why we procrastinate.

If none of that works for you, here’s a quick list of some more, umm, creative solutions, brainstormed by a group of your peers.

-Pretend you are not real (disassociation)!
-Grow up in a chaotic household, so you don’t get distracted easily.
-Ignore your problems and they’ll go away.
-Go back to the womb.

Whatever the case may be, I am confident you’ll find the perfect solution for you!