Show of the Month: Wednesday


Tiana Pickett-Hanson

February 2023’s Show of the Month is Wednesday, directed by Tim Burton, and is rated TV-14. This show was released in 2022. This show is about a girl named Wednesday, who has been getting in trouble at many different schools because she is aggressive and not very sociable. Though what most people don’t know is that she is usually only sticking up for her brother who is an avid victim of bullying. Wednesday only wears black and white, as she has an allergy to color. With no other choice her parents decide to send Wednesday to the school they went to called Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday arrives at the school and says goodbye to her family. She is then introduced to her roommate Enid, who is a very bubbly and colorful person. The exact opposite of Wednesday, after they meet Enid shows Wednesday around the school.


Enid tells Wednesday about the different species that go to Nevermore; there are the Werewolves, which Enid is a part of, the Sirens, the Vampires, and there’s this boy named Xaviar Thorpe who can make his paintings come to life. Wednesday then meets Principle Weems and she talks about how she used to go to school with Wednesday’s mother. Wednesday also meets one of her teachers and RA Mrs. Thornhill.

After a day at Nevermore, Wednesday tries to run away. Little does she know that when her parents left they left someone to watch after her, they left Thing, a hand that’s been with the Adams Family for generations. When Wednesday leaves, Thing snoops through her room. Wednesday goes to town to try and find a way out, she goes to a coffee shop and meets a boy named Tyler. She asks him to give her a ride out of town, he says yes and while she’s waiting for him Principle Weems and the police show up looking for her. Wednesday is escorted back to Nevermore, when she gets back to her room she sees that Thing is there, she also sees that Enid was worried about her, she assures Enid that she’s fine and their friendship grows.

The next day Wednesday decides to do some digging on the school’s history after the Sheriff seemed suspicious of her after hearing she was Gomez Adams’ daughter, she had found out that her dad had been accused of something sinister while attending Nevermore. This intrigued Wednesday but she still wanted to leave, with the help of Thing she calls Tyler and he tells her to meet him at the carnival later and then he’ll give her a ride out of town. So later that night she goes to the carnival to meet Tyler, as she’s about to leave she sees a classmate of hers go into the woods, she decides to follow him. When Wednesday follows him he attacks her and tries to kill her, as she’s about to be killed a monster comes and saves her, but runs away without attacking Wednesday. Xaviar finds her and brings her back to Nevermore. Throughout the show you see Wednesday uncover the mysteries that Nevermore has, and the secrets that involve her family as well. She also uncovers friendships, romances, and rivalries at Nevermore.

It’s a dark and thrilling story that is beautifully told and portrayed.

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Jenna Ortega who plays Wednesday does an amazing job at keeping the show creepy, while also making it feel real. This show has an amazing cast and director. Another cool thing this show did was pay homage to the Adams Family movies, by having Christina Ricci in the cast. You can tell a lot of hard work went into making this and it shows. Overall I think it’s one of the better shows that Netflix has released, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes creepy things or just wants a good show to watch.