FFA Week: Disrupted by a Snow Storm!

Ashtyn Schibursky, Staff Writer

What was supposed to be a fun-filled week turned into a snow-filled week instead! No school on Monday, February 27th, had already put a damper into this year’s FFA week . . . and so did the forecast. FFA week consisted of dress-up days, lunch activities, and prize opportunities! 

Lightning Activity                          Kayla Koch

Tuesday’s activity was a game called Lightning, and the dress up day was Country versus Country club. Everywhere you looked, you would either see people in their golf attire or their farm/hunting clothes. There were three winners for each lunch for Lightning; they all received candy for their win!

On Wednesday, Mrs. Brown posted to the Fillmore Central FFA Facebook page. She asked people to comment their favorite FFA memory, stating that five randomly-selected people would receive a candy bar. There were many entries which showcased pepfests, state convention, and more.

Dodgeball                                        Kayla Koch

Thursday’s activity was dodgeball, and the dress up day was FFA Spirit Day. Spirit Day was a success! Many dressed in their blue and gold—the official FFA colors—and some even wore special makeup. The dodgeball game was intense! Many people participated—either on the court or on the sidelines cheering. The last two standing in dodgeball received candy for their prize; meanwhile, the rest got bragging rights.

Though we did miss three out of the five days of the week, everyone seemed like they had a blast participating in the events and dress-up days. Thank you to advisor Megan Brown, advisor Kayla Koch, and our FFA officers for putting their time and effort into executing an amazing week!