The 4th Grade Girls Basketball Final Game of the Season



The Fillmore Central 4th Grade Girls Basketball Team of 2023

Alayna Holets, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 25th, Fillmore Central’s 4th grade girls competed in their last two games of the season. All the girls played their hearts out at Spring Grove Public School. 

First, the Fillmore Central Falcons played against the Kingsland Knights, and even though the opposing team managed to score first, Fillmore Central soon caught up. By half time, the score was three to four in favor of the Falcons. At the start of the second half, Fillmore Central pulled ahead by scoring first, and the game ended in a win with the Falcons at 11 and the Knights at 9.

The second game of the day for our young female Falcons occurred only minutes later against the Spring Grove Lions. The Lions set the pace by scoring first and starting what would soon become a very evenly matched first half, with the ending score of 8 to 6 in favor of the Lions. The second half was filled with tension for the Fillmore Central Falcons as the score soon became one sided. The Falcons sadly ended up losing the game to the Lions with an ending score of 23 to 10. 

From the classroom to the court, these girls try their absolute best under the guidance of Coach Aaron Schevel and Assistant Coach Melissa Sebervson—who even brought cookies for our hard working Falcons to enjoy when they finished their final game of the season. It’s clear how much these amazing coaches care about these girls and how much the girls love their coaches. 

There is a lot of promise for these girls next year. Every girl from every team did their best making this season a spectacular one to watch, leaving everyone excited for next year’s season.