Senior Spotlight: Alayna Holets

Adrik Nevalainen




Alayna Holets has been part of Fillmore Central High School since her freshman year. Today, she is now a senior. To Holets, being part of the cheerleading team was one of her most favorite experiences at Fillmore Central. From the bus rides to football games, to just hanging out with friends, Holet’s values friendship beyond all else.  


Besides her active involvement in the cheer team, Holets enjoys writing her books, reading, drawing, and spending quality time with the people she loves. 


After high school, Holets will be working for her grandmother’s business called A New You Laser & Electrology in Rochester Minnesota. 


Although Holets joined Fillmore Central at a later time, she has consistently expressed the importance of friendship. “Go talk to those groups of friends you want to talk to, they won’t bite your head off. And if they do, they’re not good enough for you.” (Holets). Fillmore Central High School wishes Alayna Holets the best of luck with her future endeavors. 


“Early is on time, On time is late. And if you’re late, don’t bother showing up.”

  • Alayna Holets